piątek, 27 lutego 2015

Albert - welcome to the world :)

Albert - love of our life

Let's celebrate

Angelo Antique Team is back again after one week of absence. During this time we travelled miles and crossed deep waters to reach Poland – our motherland. This journey had a very important mission to be accomplished! The mission’s cryptonym was ‘Albert – welcome to the world’ J

Ready to celebrate! 

We celebrated the birth of our baby boy together with our closest friends and family members. The guests’ list was very long as my arm and included grand mums, sisters-in-law, cousins, and old times’ sake friends. What can I tell you, guys were in minority!

Party time mode on 

Adorable Albert meeting his aunties 

It was exciting time, with unforgettable moments full of laughter. Apart from family member, many friends from my teenage years and student times came to celebrate with Oskar & me presence of our son. Albert welcomed all the incoming guests with excitement while sitting in the wicker crib on wheels placed in the middle of our living room. The wicker crib is two generations old and I used to sit in it as a baby.

Me receiving gifts for Albert

Presents, postcards with congratulations, and words of joy flowed in from all guests around us. Albert received huge amount of gifts including funny clothes, colorful softies, cozy bed sheets, and fairy tales books, the graphic and even illuminated globe.

Ladies' time

After Albert’s bedtime, it was ladies’ time! The table was set with gourmet salads, fancy snacks and sweets. Drinks and sangria were ready to be served. Endless

Going back in time

conversations interspersed with laughter filled the room. Accompanying black-and-white pictures from the past, which were brought by my mum Sofia, moved us back in time for 10 up to 20 years or more. So, we recalled memories and witty stories from our youth. This amusing time lasted till 3 o'clock in the morning.

My husband and I are very grateful to all of our guests
for sharing this joyful moment and
welcoming our little munchkin Albert to the world! 

Albert and me

Photos by: Paulina Kania Photography 
Party decorations by: Lala Kreatywna Pracownia

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  1. Elu życzę Wam więcej takich niezapomnianych spotkań .....a Albercik niech wyrasta na niezwykłego przystojniaka :)))) podobnie jak Jeremi :)))) buziaki :)

    1. Aguś, dziękujemy za życzenia :) Mamy nadzieję, że Albercik jest i będzie mega Słdziakiem ! Optymizm udziela się Jemu każdego dnia !

  2. Odpowiedzi
    1. Dziękujemy bardzo ! To za Waszą sprawą Pępkowe Albercika było magicznym wydarzeniem - zdjęcia, ozdoby, dekoracje ! Żywimy nadzieję na kolejną współpracę w ramach Family Dream Team :)

  3. Gratulacje- oraz wielu blogoslawienstw dla maluszka i calej rodzinki!

    1. Dziękujemy za duchowe wspracie, które z pewnością jest pomocne! Nasz Skarb jest odpełnieniem każdego naszego dnia!