piątek, 30 stycznia 2015

Culture, lifestyle and habits - my Greek experiences

White Tower in Thessaloniki 

Travelling again makes me happy as I can share with you and the rest of Angelo Antique team members my experiences and excitement.

For a change, in Greece I have a different perception of time. There is no pressure in the air and no rush, sidewalks look like deserted pathways. I know, it is wintertime and an ordinary Greek person does not find much pleasure in walking. But to me 12 degrees Celsius do make a vast difference because of the tangerines on the trees which are visible in the city center.  

piątek, 23 stycznia 2015

Secrets hidden in old books, stained coins and tattered photographs…

It's incredible how many interesting items can be found in the Gustavian furniture purchased at auction. So far, the most frequently encountered objects found by members of the Angelo Antique include old books, stained coins and black-white photographs, mostly tattered.

piątek, 16 stycznia 2015

Patina Master in Angelo Antique team

Magda - our patina master

To me painting is like cooking. This comparison may be too extreme however both of these activities require skills and intuition but above all ingredients. Obviously, neither painting nor cooking would be possible without perfect match of components which are the core. However in both cases the final result depends on proportions of these components. As proportions of spices are relevant to the outcome of the dish, so are proportions of paint in the outlook of the furniture pieces.

So far I have never experienced Magda’s cooking but was delighted with the final result of her work on the furniture pieces. In Angelo Antique team Magda is responsible for preparing furniture pieces for painting. Basically, this task is manually intensive.

piątek, 9 stycznia 2015

The best Team ever...

Angelo Antique Team Core

Dear Readers !
A while ago I presented you new Angelo Antique location. Today, I would like to introduce you our Angelo Antique Team, which consists of various personalities and characters but also skills.

sobota, 3 stycznia 2015

Past, present and future continues

Jeremi in one of our chest of drawers

At very specific moments, I have impression that I have received a second chance in my life. This second chance usually considers breakthrough moments. The list of these unique moments in my life is expanding the older I am but only few of them are truly memorable.