piątek, 27 lutego 2015

Albert - welcome to the world :)

Albert - love of our life

Let's celebrate

Angelo Antique Team is back again after one week of absence. During this time we travelled miles and crossed deep waters to reach Poland – our motherland. This journey had a very important mission to be accomplished! The mission’s cryptonym was ‘Albert – welcome to the world’ J

Ready to celebrate! 

We celebrated the birth of our baby boy together with our closest friends and family members. The guests’ list was very long as my arm and included grand mums, sisters-in-law, cousins, and old times’ sake friends. What can I tell you, guys were in minority!

piątek, 13 lutego 2015

Looking forward to the year 2017...

Trends, trends in Angelo Antique 

When it comes to seasons of the year, I habitually look no more than one season ahead, if at all. It does not mean I ignore long term planning but I cannot say that I pay much attention to what kind of clothes and colors I will be wearing in two years from now.

piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Sound derived from wooden body and neck

Luthier Mariano Conde

Manual work, especially the hand made one is a valuable skill. Despite the technology era that we live in, there are still quite many handcrafted professions.  Angelo Antique has relatively short tradition but some professions in their tradition go back couple of generations, like this one continued by luthier Mariano Conde. Today, we would like to present you other professions which in their handcraft manufacturing use bare and at the same time old wood.