piątek, 29 maja 2015

Rococo - a royal style to admire

 Rococo in Angelo Antique

Each style has its own characteristics and undergoes transformation when adapted to a culture and country different from its origin. In Sweden, for example, Rococo style was less extreme than in France, and took its appearance after the simplicity of Swedish design.

The beauty of details

By the middle of XVIII century, Sweden recovered from tremendous poverty mostly due to successful export of its products such as copper, iron and timber. Obviously, prosperity of some citizens increased and so did aesthetic desire to show off their wealth by building and decorating their houses in the latest fashion. 

piątek, 22 maja 2015

Magnifique in shape and flavor

The best ever fruit

If you ask me, I am the one with a sweet tooth, and I believe that there are plenty of people like me. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that my sweet tooth has led me to some degree of spring glorification. In a spring time I love and will always love my favorite fruit which is strawberries.

Strawberries everywhere

Great fan of strawberries, like me, pays a lot of attention to their color, and is sensitive to their shape which is usually conical. I will be honest with you that I am not concerned about strawberries’ content of vitamin C and source of magnesium at all. I am more into their features which  is elusive, individual and more abstract in a sense, namely their fragrance and flavor.

piątek, 15 maja 2015

Noblesse oblige

The synonym of charm and elegance

 Many people consider her to be eternal queen of fashion. To me, personally she is a real heroine, a woman who I admire for her courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.

“Success is most often achieved by those who
don’t know that failure is inevitable.”

- Coco Chanel

Revolution in style of a woman

She came from nowhere and from illegitimate child, who reinvented her whole childhood; she became the queen of fashion, revolutionizing women’s style forever.

Her life motto was: 
“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

piątek, 8 maja 2015

Gracious photo model

A very first picture

Long, long time ago, the story of snow white kitten has began… A small, tiny creature with sharp teeth like a razor became my best mate. It was funny to watch it making its first steps with all four legs at one time. This little living thing made me laugh and brought me to tears. From time to time its naughty nature could be noticed in crazy ideas like hiding in the dishwasher or in a shoe.

Coco and me

This kitten of mine, although male, was named Coco J Having passport with its paw imprint became my traveling companion.

Now, after eight years, Coco turned into tommiecat. Its mature posture and paws indicate strength and are ready to be used when necessary. There are days, when Coco returns home from its night adventures with wounds and scars on its body. Sometimes its tail cries for vet’s help when full of bites.  

piątek, 1 maja 2015

Noble, magnificent and romantic

Sanssouci a place to be 

It was marvelous family time spent at the Sanssouci Complex in Potsdam near Berlin. Two days of walking around the gardens and palaces was a real pleasure.  We felt overwhelmed with numerous temples and follies in the park.