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Rococo - a royal style to admire

 Rococo in Angelo Antique

Each style has its own characteristics and undergoes transformation when adapted to a culture and country different from its origin. In Sweden, for example, Rococo style was less extreme than in France, and took its appearance after the simplicity of Swedish design.

The beauty of details

By the middle of XVIII century, Sweden recovered from tremendous poverty mostly due to successful export of its products such as copper, iron and timber. Obviously, prosperity of some citizens increased and so did aesthetic desire to show off their wealth by building and decorating their houses in the latest fashion. 

Swedish Rococo 

For the first time Rococo furniture design and decorative arts were introduced to Sweden in 1730s. Carvers, carpenters and painters from France and Sweden contributed to apply Rococo style while working on the Royal Palace in Stockholm. After that, Rococo style gained on popularity and spread throughout the country, becoming modified and adapted to local traditions and conditions.

Golden color ornaments

‘Foreign influences were uncompromisingly adapted to Swedish conditions: pine floors were installed in place of oak parquet; 
furniture was modeled on imported pieces, but developed along more utilitarian line which could be copied by less accomplished provincial craftsmen; and, on the walls, carved wooden paneling and precious silks were replaced by painted canvases.’

-         Lars Sjoberg known as a hero of Swedish Conservation Heritage
and Restorer of Gustavian Style, writes  in the book ‘The Swedish Room’

Stylish acessories 

Noticeably, Rococo style evolved to Gustavian one and is characterized by curved lines and asymmetric shapes. Therefore, it is not unusual for Angelo Antique Team to be in favor of typical Swedish Rococo. In our showroom, there is a wide variety of Rococo style chests of drawers in pale gray, off white or subtle blue which feature curved apron and cabriole legs.  Either in its original form or modified, Rococo is a royal style to admire. 

Angelo Antique chest of drawers in Swedish Rococo style

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