środa, 31 grudnia 2014

New Year brings hope

New Year is associated with a new beginning although there is always good time to start any new activity or make a new resolution. Actually, we can start new activities anytime, like for example with the beginning of a new day, week or even month.

Whenever, I am thinking of any connotations with New Year’s Eve, they are always positive and full of optimism.  This time of a year we might think to meet new people, to have an opportunity to start a new business or plan a trip to exotic destination.

piątek, 26 grudnia 2014

Christmas Eve belief with unspoken words…

Coco and me

Have you ever been told as a child that animals are gifted with the power of speech on Christmas Eve? 

I remember my mother telling me so and no matter which pets we had at home at that time, I recall this moment of looking at them with the greatest expectations for them to speak on Christmas Eve for several years. Very often, I was pretty much convinced that I heard my pets speaking in human voices. My curiosity grew even bigger the more mature I have become. 

środa, 24 grudnia 2014

Family and joy - this is Christmas to me

Awaiting for our guests

I like December because Winter season starts but I like it even more especially because it is time of family gathering and joy. 

Home sweet Home !

December is a month of summing up of what I have experienced in the present year and what I am grateful for to other people and the World itself. I look backward to appreciate situations and experiences which inspired me to become a better person. Besides, I am also looking forward to what the New Year will bring.

piątek, 19 grudnia 2014

Gripsholm castle - a different perspective of Gustavian style

Gripsholm Castle
photo by: Anders Bengtsson, source: Flickr 

Today, I am taking you on a short journey to Gustavian style, which brought light not only to interior design but also to architecture.

A very good example where quite innovative solution of Gustavian style can be experienced is in Gripsholm Castle. This castle dates to medieval times and its innovation is hidden in the castle’s construction. At the end of XVIII century Gustav III decided to add an extra wing along the north side of the outer courtyard of the castle. 

piątek, 12 grudnia 2014

Space where centuries cross

Our new performance place 

This long awaited moment has finally come.
We are happy to announce that we have now moved Angelo Antique to a larger location in Helsingborg in Sweden.

This decision is a response to our customers’ wishes who continuously seek for a wider selection of unique furniture & decorative items in Gustavian & Rococo style.

piątek, 5 grudnia 2014

St. Nicolas' Day – a gift for a lifetime

My little dream and me

Regardless of the pace I live or attitude I have, there are always dreams I would like to come true. I guess that my statement is not surprising. 

However, dreams sometimes seem distant and unrealistic but even though I have never stopped myself from having them.

This year, there is a story of joy when it comes to my, or I should rather say, our dream we share…

piątek, 28 listopada 2014

White is Whiter and Gray is Grayish !

Very often I am amazed with the power and persuasion colors can talk with.  Mother nature offers us unique colors according to the season of the year. Surprisingly, the number of natural colors is limitless and they can reveal us with new hues every day for the rest of our lives.

Sense of beauty in the light colors

Apart from shapes which surround us on everyday basis, our life is determined by colors. Actually, whatever we buy, touch or see has its texture but also a color.  

Have you ever realized that we even think in terms of colors and have different associations with them? 

Brighter colors are believed to be more optimistic and dark ones are perceived as gloomy or serious. We even wear different colors according to our mood or season of the year. 

sobota, 22 listopada 2014

Summertime warm memories

On such gloomy days like these ones, I always recall vacations. My thoughts on juicy and usually warm summertime help me to survive cold days. Going through my pictures, while sitting comfortably under the warm blanket on my sofa  and enjoying cup of hot fruit tea,  brings me back to sunny holiday places.
It will not be surprising when I say that our Angelo Antique team absorbs every bit of the sun during the holidays. However, we always try to explore areas associated with art and architecture. So, this year we headed to the United States of America to grasp some work of America’s master architect.