piątek, 27 marca 2015

Moved by Michelangelo's work, silence and timber...

Oskar - our artistic Maestro

Finds his inspirations in the art of famous painter and sculptor. Is emotionally moved by speechless but powerful perspective of art. Oskar - our Angelo Antique artistic Maestro reveals his biggest dream and fascination with timber.   
Today, in the second part of interview with Oskar, you can immerse yourself in his more secret side of life

piątek, 20 marca 2015

Forecast for tomorrow – shiny, happy people :)

Harsh, severe, cold, snowy – definitely not! 

This time winter was quite generous and mild. Nevertheless, I am fed up with wintertime, darkness, and leafless trees est. !!! I long for sunshine and I miss flowers! Sometimes, it is irritating when it takes so long for the nature to explode with fresh colors and treasure our eyes. It would have been very gloomy, if we had lived endlessly in one season of the year.

piątek, 13 marca 2015

Less words, more thoughts and passion for his work...

Oskar in his creative workshop

Rather calm but creative and sensitive. Has mental strength and physical power. He is the heart of Angelo Antique team. Oskar is our artistic Maestro who apart from drawing and sketching dedicated his professional life to Gustavian style furniture. 

Today, in the interview with Oskar, you can share his passion and fascination with Gustavian style. 

sobota, 7 marca 2015

Stylish Fusion for Breakfast

Traces of King Gustav the III.

What a sunny Saturday morning! Two little gents – Albert & Jeremi are sitting in a company of three creative ladies – Elisabeth, Paulina, and Sylwia. Who could ever imagine a better combination! 

All of us enjoy this elegant surrounding of Angelo Antique furniture in Gustavian style which please our senses.