sobota, 7 marca 2015

Stylish Fusion for Breakfast

Traces of King Gustav the III.

What a sunny Saturday morning! Two little gents – Albert & Jeremi are sitting in a company of three creative ladies – Elisabeth, Paulina, and Sylwia. Who could ever imagine a better combination! 

All of us enjoy this elegant surrounding of Angelo Antique furniture in Gustavian style which please our senses. 

Good morning :) 

Little Albert

It seems that there is not much going on but on the contrary, when kids are around the energy is boosting. Especially that Albert has already his second nap and Jeremi is facing the power of Spiderman cobweb in reality. 

Freshly brewed coffee

Time flows slowly, there is no rush. The room is filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee which predicts breakfast.

Our Saturday morning gathering

Kitchen is usually the busiest place in the morning. Process of preparing the first meal of the day on weekend is really a pleasurable task. Paulina is looking after croissants which are being preheated in the oven, whereas Sylwia is combining ingredients for delicious salad to be served along with crusty croissants.  

Finally, our breakfast is ready! 


We all cherish our shared moments around as we gather around the table. So, this is our time away from rush and distant from virtual life. It is about to be here and now! Endless conversations, laughter and hanging out together are the best promise of a good & positive day. 

Carpe diem!

Elisabeth & Albert

Coco - our home companion

2 komentarze:

  1. Ela przepiękne zdjęcie z synkiem :)))) chwytajcie momenty bo cudnie Wam to wychodzi :)))

  2. Witaj Aga! Przepraszam, za tak późną odpowiedź ale przy Albercie, to czas umyka niepostrzeżenie! Wczoraj skończył już 3 miesiące i jest coraz bardziej interaktywny, więc mamusia bawi synka, bo co ma zrobić ;) Dziękujęmy i pozdrawiamy chwytając nasze wspólne momenty!