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Looking forward to the year 2017...

Trends, trends in Angelo Antique 

When it comes to seasons of the year, I habitually look no more than one season ahead, if at all. It does not mean I ignore long term planning but I cannot say that I pay much attention to what kind of clothes and colors I will be wearing in two years from now.

Coco looking for signs of spring

Right now, as probably majority of us, I am looking for signs of spring around me. Every tulip which begins to sprout every bug which moves on the ground or in the air and longer daylight convince me about this fact. 

However, some people already are way ahead of me. These people immerse themselves in the future – in year 2017 and try to answer the questions what our clothes, homes, and lifestyle will be like.   

Guess who are these people? 
They are professionals who are working in the area of fashion, design, and art as trend forecasters. Trend forecasters do the hard job in studying links between the consumer culture and the external world.

Lidewij Edelkoort

Source: schoenvisie.nl

For example, Lidewij Edelkoort is famous Dutch trend forecaster, who provides an advanced insight into the upcoming season of fashion and design trends. She is also a consultant helping other companies to shape international brands.

Every two years, in cooperation with her consultancy team, she publishes a Trend Book which describes the forthcoming trends regarding styles and accompanying colors, fabrics, and shapes. All of this is forecasted according to previously identified consumer attitudes and includes most cutting-edge styles.

Sample of Trend Book

Source: trendtablet.com 
Lidewij Edelkoort believes that we live in the era of ANTI FASHION and says that:
“Conspicuous consumption is becoming evermore suspicious. Cheap consumption is looking further shameful. Many types of buying, binding and displaying wealth are seen as wasteful and unsustainable, unbearably unnecessary. Uncool. And within the fashion system, things are changing too, liberating design from narration”.

All in all, most probably either you or I are not surprised anymore
why some people move forward in time. 

Angelo Antique secretary in process

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