niedziela, 5 lipca 2015

My decorative fantasies

Red or reddish 

Finally, a real summer has begun and I am going to take the advantage of the solar energy which empowers me to make slight changes in my closest environment called home J

In order to achieve visible changes in your interior design it does not have to along with BIG revolution which usually is associated with repainting or refurnishing your home. Of course, the fresh breeze in redesigning your place maybe as minor as modification or as enormous as transformation.

When it comes to interior changes, I would like to focus on playing with colors of pieces of furniture. Old chest-of-drawers painted in monochromatic but energetic colors are a very good choice to light up and blend in easily with your current interior design. Sometimes, it is better to replace the purchase of the whole bunch of potential home accessories with the purchase of just one major piece of furniture which is going to give new perspective to your interior. 

Unquestionably I encourage you to experiment with chest-of-drawers in bright colors like orange, purple or yellow to make contrast in comparison to the current color which is dominating in your interior or even style.  I can assure you that you will receive out-of-ordinary and very stylish refreshment of your interior improving its attractiveness and giving it refreshed appearance. 

Lemon or curcuma

Orange or curry

Chequered extravaganza 

Grayish or bluish

My home bedroom

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