piątek, 26 czerwca 2015

Dear Friday - I love you :)


After the whole week of catching up with various tasks and meeting deadlines, there is high time for me to stop and relax a bit.

It is very true about the never-ending to-do list and if you do not stop yourself from running, nobody will do it for you.

The first thing to do is to let it go, then chill out and relax !

Evening ambiance 

Despite the fact that summer does not spoil us with sunny weather and adequate load of heat, there are many inspiring ideas wondering in my head how to enjoy myself. I would be able to catch my balance and compensate myself this stressful week with romantic and idyllic ambiance.

The first option is me going for the massage and having it done in a nice warm room with dim candle lights. I can feel how my body releases after so much tension.

Dim light is what I love

As a second choice, I would most probably invite some good girlfriends of mine for a bath & pajama party. I can picture all of us wearing our bathing suits and lying on a spongy pillows, deeply soaked under the foam and water in the bathtub, surrounded with candlelight, enjoying drinks and chatting.  Having fun at home in a good company sounds enthusiastic and amusing. Once we are done with bathing, we are watching romantic movies while wearing pajamas. Of course some of these movies make us laugh and some are so nostalgic that in result all of us are weeping, despite the happy end.

Idyllic place to be

Additional possibility is to have a delicious dinner with my husband at home. Cooking together can be so much fun. The menu is basic but tasty, tonight I could serve deep fried shrimps in a parmesan cheese with salad. A glass of cold champagne with a frozen strawberry fruit would be perfect as an aperitif. I can imagine this idyllic picture of a scenic room with flowers and lightning candles on the table, us sitting together and enjoying delightful cuisine while having pleasurable conversation.   

Now, let me light up some aromatic candles and enjoy one of my evening options.
And the same I wish to you !
Which option do you think it is? 
               Let me keep it as a secret. 

One picture is worth more than 1000 words

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