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Culture, lifestyle and habits - my Greek experiences

White Tower in Thessaloniki 

Travelling again makes me happy as I can share with you and the rest of Angelo Antique team members my experiences and excitement.

For a change, in Greece I have a different perception of time. There is no pressure in the air and no rush, sidewalks look like deserted pathways. I know, it is wintertime and an ordinary Greek person does not find much pleasure in walking. But to me 12 degrees Celsius do make a vast difference because of the tangerines on the trees which are visible in the city center.  

Coffee time

In one of the cafes near the seashore in Thessaloniki

So, where is everybody? Actually, people are enjoying themselves drinking coffee, having conversations with friends in the Cafes. Tea is hardly ever available but the range of coffee is unbelievable. The coffee culture consists of Greek coffee, iced coffee which is freddo, and frappe. Coffee can be prepared in one of four ways: plain with no sugar, with a little of sugar – usually a teaspoon, half & half – equal amounts of coffee and sugar or very sweet with more sugar than coffee. The most important thing to remember is to delight oneself with sipping coffee not drinking it.

Taking adventure of the whether 

Majority of Cafes are incredibly crowded and people are queuing in front of them and waiting for their turn to get inside. The interiors are usually very fancy and designed with the greatest attention to tiny details. Of course, music is loud and the smell of cigarette smoke is stunning. For those who prefer to stay outside, screen heaters and panels spillover with warmth. Each time I watched with pleasure how Thessalonians take joy of little things despite the weather conditions.
Enjoy your parking spot

Double parking an accepted commodity 

Another distinction in habit, which is a kind of surprise to me, is double car parking on the streets. Literally meaning, there are always two parallel rows of cars parked. This way of parking is commonly used and accepted. What is even more striking is the fact that lane of cars which is parked along the sidewalk is blocked from leaving the parking spot by the second row of cars. 

The solution for the cars parked in the first row is very simple. The owners of cars standing in the first row leave behind the front car wipes the short note with their phone number. How useful! I believe that there is no need for me to explain what is next.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Konstantinidis Confectionery & Pastry Store
Photo taken by: Ewa Puszkiewicz

To contribute more to this Greek tale, I can honestly say that I am really delighted with Greek pastry and confectionery stores. These stores are mostly family owned businesses which have been present on the market for generations. The brand is usually widely recognized and well perceived as it carries the name of the establisher. 

Each pastry and confectionery

'Backstage' performance at Konstantidis sweetshop

store is famous for its flagship specialties and performance of the whole baking process. All pastries and chocolate-related sweets look like little pieces of artwork. It is believed that traditional sweets and pastry involve all senses and give one extraordinary experience. Obviously, both the taste and the smell are irresistible.

Ewa & me having midnight ice-cream
at Konstantidis sweetshop

Photo taken by: Ewa Puszkiewicz

To encourage you in visiting Greece the only way to say it is "there is no other country in Europe like Greece" !

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