sobota, 3 stycznia 2015

Past, present and future continues

Jeremi in one of our chest of drawers

At very specific moments, I have impression that I have received a second chance in my life. This second chance usually considers breakthrough moments. The list of these unique moments in my life is expanding the older I am but only few of them are truly memorable. 

People get a second chance and so do objects. 

Jeremi on Gustavian piece
from Angelo Antique

To one of those chances belong the transition of some Gustavian pieces of furniture, which are given a second life in our Angelo Antiques workshop. The Gustavian style has brought light not only to architecture but also to interior design. The variety of shapes and colors bring new perspective to the old and forgotten pieces of furniture. The continuity of the Gustavian period is reflected in pieces, which match with modern style of interior design.

Jeremi's favorite place at our home

I enjoy interior design that combines furniture from different periods and of different styles. The creation of new esthetical value gives one of its kind perspective on interior. This old and new pieces of furniture together with delicate accessories divides interior space into unconventional dimensions. The impression of continuity of different styles fills   a living  space and gives impression of timeless flow.

Little 'Gustavian' angel

In my opinion, contemporary fashion and design gives a great opportunity to use different styles, textures, and colors to increase our aesthetical experience and extend life of furniture from the past, giving them the second life.  

All photos by Paulina Kania

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