piątek, 9 stycznia 2015

The best Team ever...

Angelo Antique Team Core

Dear Readers !
A while ago I presented you new Angelo Antique location. Today, I would like to introduce you our Angelo Antique Team, which consists of various personalities and characters but also skills.

Oskar - our artistic soul

When it comes to artistic and spiritual perspective Oskar is core of our Angelo Antique team. He creatively inspires the rest of the team members. Apart from his skills and work experience he usually follows his intuition while working. Before getting started with any piece of furniture, he always envisions his design projects by sketching and drawing. Oskar is manually gifted and sensitive with very good sense of humor. While off work Oskar reflects his artistic potential and manual skills in picture painting. 

Christopher - our pragmatic pillar

On the opposite end is Christopher who has technical orientation and is pragmatic pillar of our team. He is very rational in decision making process. Additionally, Christopher is very well organized and has multitasking abilities. He is very good at calculating and finance.  His is very curious person and has positive attitude.

Oskar and Christopher differ from each other in personality. However in line of business approach they are complementary. His free time Chris dedicates to playing golf which is his favourite leisure activity. 

Jacek - our supporter

The hand of our supporter Jacek is also visible and crucial in Angelo Antique team.  Jacek gives support either to Oskar or Christopher when necessary. Jacek is very skilled and detailed oriented. He loves cats and cooking oriental dishes.  

Magda - our master in painting 

The first woman who brings balance in the male part of Angelo Antique team is Magda. Her tasks focus on the final touch regarding preparation of furniture pieces for painting and covering them with patina. Magda is our master who combines knowledge and skills in choosing proper colors of paints and combining them. Her artistic skills give the final outlook to our furniture pieces. Her hobby includes travelling, especially to East where reign Byzantine and Orthodox Art. She is keen on reading books.

Elisabeth - our designer & photographer

Of course, without the touch of design and images, we would not be able to adore your eye with pictures.  Elisabeth delights us with unusual arrangements of Gustavian and Rococo furniture with delicate accessories from the epoch. Her taste and decent touch of arranging space in a cozy manner enriches picturesque performance of Angelo Antique in the virtual world. In her spare time, Elizabeth's interests are fashion and design. She admires Coco Chanel who is the synonym of fashion, perfume, and emancipation.

Sylwia - takes care of customer

Last but not least pillar of Angelo Antique team is Sylwia who takes care of our customer relationships. She usually gets in touch with our customers to understand their needs and preferences in order to update Angelo Antique's portfolio. Sylwia is very fond of practicing yoga and cross country skiing. She is our globetrotter. 

There we are as Angelo Antique team to serve you! One for all, all for one.

With respect,
Angelo Antique Team 

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