piątek, 16 stycznia 2015

Patina Master in Angelo Antique team

Magda - our patina master

To me painting is like cooking. This comparison may be too extreme however both of these activities require skills and intuition but above all ingredients. Obviously, neither painting nor cooking would be possible without perfect match of components which are the core. However in both cases the final result depends on proportions of these components. As proportions of spices are relevant to the outcome of the dish, so are proportions of paint in the outlook of the furniture pieces.

So far I have never experienced Magda’s cooking but was delighted with the final result of her work on the furniture pieces. In Angelo Antique team Magda is responsible for preparing furniture pieces for painting. Basically, this task is manually intensive.

Magda's precise painting

The next stage concerns the selection of paint colors. In order to accomplish this stage on the highest possible level, knowledge and skills are required. Thank to Magda’s master degree in the area of works of art marketing and conservation which she obtained at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw in Poland, she is well prepared to face this responsible task. She knows which set of paints colors to select and how to combine them in the right proportions. Finally, Magda paints the furniture pieces using the patina method.

The final touch of patina done by Magda

The precision of Magda’s work is reflected in every bit of the final outcome in the appearance of Angelo Antique’s furniture pieces. The results of her work and of other members of Angelo Antique team delight our senses of sight and increase esthetical value of any interior’s performance. 

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  1. na gotowaniu troszkę się znam ...więc potrafię sobie wyobrazić, o co chodzi w smacznym malowaniu :)

    1. Dziekujemy, dziekujemy....
      Magda to prawdziwy mistrz malowania i patynowania.