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Sound derived from wooden body and neck

Luthier Mariano Conde

Manual work, especially the hand made one is a valuable skill. Despite the technology era that we live in, there are still quite many handcrafted professions.  Angelo Antique has relatively short tradition but some professions in their tradition go back couple of generations, like this one continued by luthier Mariano Conde. Today, we would like to present you other professions which in their handcraft manufacturing use bare and at the same time old wood. 

Tradition & generation

Mariano Conde at his workshop

Mariano Conde is the 3rd generation luthier who maintains the handcrafted guitar making. His workshop is based in Madrid where Mr. Conde together with his son gives body and soul to various types of guitars dedicated to flamenco and classical players.

Handcrafted guitar making
Using both modern machines and old tools both men craft characteristic design of half

Guitar making in progress

moon headstock. Definitely, guitar making is more about its sound than appearance. Nevertheless, it is important to combine these two elements together in the perfect match. For this purpose different types of wood are used ranging from red cedar, Indian rosewood to cypress wood. It is worth of underlying that the wood used for making today’s instruments is 30 or 40 years old.

Own brand

Handwritten labeling

Not only are guitars handcrafted by Mariano Conde and his son but also is labeling. All labels are handwritten on the card and include details like model, its catalogue number and construction year. Additionally, there are also MC initials which are visible on the instrument’s sideboard.

MC Flamenco guitar Ef5 N Fiorentina

It is very optimistic to see that craftsmen work is still valued, appreciated and has its continuity in the following generations.

Maybe when you intend to purchase your next guitar it will be handcrafted by Mariano Conde. 

Source: all pictures are from Mariano Conde's website and FB Fanpage

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