piątek, 3 kwietnia 2015

The Charm of Easter Table !

Baking, cooking, roasting...

Each family celebration according to the occasion concentrates around the table. To me, not the kitchen, not the living room but the table is the heart of home. I perceive the table far beyond its basic function as a piece of furniture.  

Rebirth, renewal, regrowth...

There is an emotional side of a table – unification. Those ones, who accepted invitation to sit together at one table, are willing to share treat and conversation. For positive and also those sad moments in our life, the table brings together family members across generations.

New life - new hope

Therefore, I am waiting for these get-together moments with great excitement and happiness. Christmas is unique in its tradition and symbols, and so is Easter. However, dimension of resurrection has a deeper context according to infinity of life after death.

Coco playing with the infinity

The closer the Easter is, the more involved we become. Preparing the treat, the home, and your soul in order to welcome and gather everyone at one table is very special time. I enjoy composing the menu and coloring the eggs. 

The joy of preparations

Celebrating Easter is like celebrating new life symbolized in a colorful egg. What is more, the spring time, increases the effect of lifecycle reflected in the rebirth. I feel enthusiastic about the secrets disclosed by arrival of birds, blossom of flowers, and freshness of leaves. This is a new beginning of an old end.

May this Easter bring you all together for a great family celebration filled with lots of joy, hope and new life!

 Wishes Angelo Antique Team

 Oskar, Chris, Jacek, Magda, Ela & Sylwia

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