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Perfection of Symmetry

Perfect match

I guess that you are familiar with this saying: nobody is perfect. Nevertheless, human beings often seek for  perfection. It is very typical that we chase states of perfection in everyday life when searching for the perfect partner, job, house, or friend.


Unfortunately or fortunately, I would say, perfection does not exist in a static state. Either we or the days are not exactly the same. Therefore, our life is a continuous journey, which is evolving from day to day.

So, if human beings are imperfect, where can we seek for perfection?

The perfect match of harmony can be found in symmetry of three perspectives: mathematics, science and nature. The most familiar type of symmetry for many people is reflected in the architecture, art and music. 

Seeking for perfection in Gustavian style

At every scale, symmetry in architecture can be noticed in the structure of buildings through the floor layouts and ornamentation. When it comes to art, symmetry appears in the design of objects of all kinds. In music, symmetry touches many aspects of scale and chord formation.

And what about the symmetry in the interior design and furniture?

The beauty of proportions

I guess, in the work of Angelo Antique team, especially twin chest of drawers or armchairs refer to a sense of harmonious balance. Twin pieces of Gustavian furniture bring beautiful proportion into the interior. Due to proportion, agreement in dimensions can be achieved. Symmetry introduces elegance and fully complements the interior in the undisturbed manner.

As Michelangelo used to say
The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”.

Balance = harmony

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