piątek, 17 kwietnia 2015

Almost Like Summer in the City...

Picnic time

Last week was full of attractions and spontaneous meetings in the open air. Maybe because of these surprising encounters with long time unseen friends I am in a humming mood! Various songs are going through my head… Somehow the lyrics of Joe Cocker’s famous song can describe the weather which made me feel like hot town summer in the city…

Small stalls with offerings 

With 20 degrees Celsius outside, there is a growing desire for having a typical picnic revealing the one on Claude Monet painting “Lunch on the grass”. The weather conditions were perfect to enjoy the open air, the sun, and the moment. Albert and I wanted to contribute to hymn of happiness in the here and now, almost like in impressionism.

Yummy, hungry, yummy

The chance to have picnic on the grass in the city sounded like a wonderful option to celebrate sunny weekend day. Spontaneously, we were wondering among many people who came to taste homemade delicacies and specialties sold by local manufacturers. What a delicious flavor of freshly fried apple crumpets and ready to eat sandwiches with olives or one of its kind oat bread. 

Funny softies

The scent of finely brewed black coffee filled the air. On the top of everything, yummy cakes were attracting my senses. Definitely, I could eat more than I should have… Anyway, the diversity of choice was really excellent. Not only regarding the food but also other attractions like handmade softies or second hand bicycle market. Everything was available in one place.

Dodaj napis

People were coming from all over the places. Couples with dogs, families with kids, and friends… Everybody was melting together in order to grab something to eat and drink and then find the best spot on the grass. Children kept themselves busy, playing with soap bubbles made by a bizarre elderly man.

It sounds like a great introduction to the spring in the city, where you can immerse yourself completely in an esthetical feast in the open air.

Soap bubbles are always fun :)

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