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Moved by Michelangelo's work, silence and timber...

Oskar - our artistic Maestro

Finds his inspirations in the art of famous painter and sculptor. Is emotionally moved by speechless but powerful perspective of art. Oskar - our Angelo Antique artistic Maestro reveals his biggest dream and fascination with timber.   
Today, in the second part of interview with Oskar, you can immerse yourself in his more secret side of life

Sylwia: Do you think that in your profession the timber is an appealing material to work with?

Oskar: Definitely, I think so.  Visually, I find timber as a very interesting material. Other materials – those modern ones aren’t appealing to me.  Therefore, it must be timber, and it is even better when it is an old piece. In Angelo Antique furniture we use only long-standing timber, because it has a different texture and a different color. Besides, such timber that has a track of times absorbs paint in different manner. I would say that old timber is a timber with a soul.

Oskar's work in progress

Sylwia: What moves you the most emotionally in the art?

Oskar: Individualism and the fact that without telling anyone a word about your emotions, you can present them on a paper or on canvas. In a sense, art is a reflection of the nature of human and his emotions. And this is what I like about art.

Sylwia: Do you have your favorite artist? If so, then who is it?

Oskar's fresco on the wall

Oskar: To me personally, classical seems Michelangelo and Monet. I appreciate Michelangelo, just like Leonardo da Vinci, although I am more inclined towards the Michelangelo, for the strength. He was a great and powerful man but also created beautiful, big and powerful sculptures in stone. He was also amazing in architecture and the frescoes. I am fascinated by the diversity of his talent. It is interesting to me.

In the Impressionism, I love the colors, the tones and the application of paint on the canvas, the sensitivity of these applications. I am attracted to capturing the first impression, the notion that you see.

Sylwia: Where do you find inspiration for your artistic work and craft?

Work, work, work...

Oskar: When it comes to furniture, I get inspired by what I see, what I watch on exhibitions, in periodicals. I look at ornaments and colors that I apply later to my projects. Gustavian style is very limited and there is no large field of possibilities to come up with something new. Gustavian style has its canons, which can be expanded. What is more, you can combine them, but more or less they have to remain within the style. The biggest inspiration comes from auctions and fairs, which we participate in.

Sylwia: Based on your knowledge and intuition what are the interior design trends in 2015?

Oskar: It's hard to say, but from what I notice, it seems to me that this is an industrial style. It has been present for some time and I think it will continue, as from what I see in the interiors of restaurants and shops, or what you see in thematic journals. It seems to me that this industrial trend combined with the style from the ‘60s will continue.

Angelo Antique Team

Sylwia: What is your professional dream for this year?

Oskar: My professional dream for this year, hmm...? This is a big dream. I do not know whether it is for this year, but certainly for at least two years. This dream is to open a showroom in Poland with furniture & interior design boutique in Gustavian style.

Sylwia: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Oskar: Currently, I spend a lot of time with family and prepare for future projects. Much of my time is consumed by work. I have to say that even after my working hours, I still dedicated my time to work.

Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and ideas :)

Oskar's drawing

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