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Less words, more thoughts and passion for his work...

Oskar in his creative workshop

Rather calm but creative and sensitive. Has mental strength and physical power. He is the heart of Angelo Antique team. Oskar is our artistic Maestro who apart from drawing and sketching dedicated his professional life to Gustavian style furniture. 

Today, in the interview with Oskar, you can share his passion and fascination with Gustavian style. 

Sylwia: When did you start your adventure with furniture?

Oskar: From the moment I arrived in Sweden, that is eight years ago when I started working for Swede named Anders. In his workshop, I had contact with Gustavian style furniture for the first time. 

Oskar's projects 

I had worked in this company for four years, where I gained the knowledge about antique furniture. After this period of time, I came to the conclusion that I do not have any further growth opportunities in my profession at his company. I wanted to make furniture on my own and implement my own projects, which I have visualized in my head. So I decided to open my own business. 

Sylwia: What is your professional passion?

Oskar: In fact, my professional passion is the whole process of creation from design to furniture painting. Including the furniture selection and its purchase at the auction. Also, the details are important to me, like the establishment of fittings.

Maestro in the work process...

Sylwia: What fascinates you most in Gustavian furniture?

White & gray - two main colors in Gustavian style

Oskar: Its simplicity. In other words, I mean a simple form and color of the furniture. All in all, I grew up surrounded by rococo and baroque style furniture, which is characterized by a large number of decorations and is very linear. 

The Gustavian style furniture, Scandinavian furniture in general, is simple in its form. More than this, the range of colors in the Gustavian style is very limited and is based on the colors and hues from white to gray. This allows both simple form as well as colors to introduce balance and harmony in the interior. 

Scratches & paint layers

What seems more interesting when it comes to Gustavian style furniture is the fact that each piece was often painted several times. Scratches that occur on the furniture are usually a result of their use and time. This effect is impossible to obtain after single painting. Especially in wooden furniture the wood structure can be seen. 

However, in the Gustavian furniture scratches and wood structure are visible as they penetrate each other. Additionally, you can see the colors that are underneath. And these elements fascinate me the most in it because in the baroque or rococo style furniture this effect cannot be accomplished.

Ready for painting

Sylwia: Why did you become interested in the Gustavian style?

Oskar: I think it was complete coincidence. In Sweden, in a company where I used to work, I dealt with Gustavian style furniture. Before I have left for Sweden, I had made patina furniture, but they were in a Provencal style. This style required a completely different technique. 

To find out more about Oskar's taste in art, his inspiration, and dreams be patient  and join us for the second part of  the interview in two weeks from now. 

Place of Oskar's inspiration

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