piątek, 20 marca 2015

Forecast for tomorrow – shiny, happy people :)

Harsh, severe, cold, snowy – definitely not! 

This time winter was quite generous and mild. Nevertheless, I am fed up with wintertime, darkness, and leafless trees est. !!! I long for sunshine and I miss flowers! Sometimes, it is irritating when it takes so long for the nature to explode with fresh colors and treasure our eyes. It would have been very gloomy, if we had lived endlessly in one season of the year.

Long awaited guests :)

Thank to Mother Nature, we can experience more stimuli from time to time. Today, we had a chance to witness solar eclipse in Europe. I am not sure but I guess that people on other continents did not have so much luck. Anyway, for those who could not experience this miracle, I can tell that it was breathtaking.

Solar eclipse

Source: losyziemi.pl

The day has started like an ordinary day, however around 9 a.m. the daylight became dim. I got the impression as if it was about to rain when the sky was completely cloudless. Wow, I got shivers all over body and I felt nearly like I would about to witness Armageddon.  However, with my sunglasses on my eyes went wide open as I witnessed this astronomical phenomenon occurring when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and thus override the sunlight. I was stricken with the overwhelming cold because the temperature started to drop.

Breakthrough moment

Jasne Błonia Park in Szczecin - Poland

After this magnificent moment, I was happy that life got back to normal. The sky became more illuminated and it made me feel energetic again. I continued my stroll with Albert and friends, enjoying the natural daylight and the crocuses which popped up all around me. 

Albert with his friend Pola

I have already made plans for the afternoon. This time my plans were very basic and simple. My intention was to welcome spring into my home and my garden. In other words I decided to clean windows in my home and plant some tulips, primulas, and daffodils in my garden.

With these little joys, this is the way to start new beginning!

2 komentarze:

  1. Szczecin ?? a ja myślałam że to Holandia :))) ależ piękny widok i miejsce na spacer z maluszkiem :)

  2. Aga, tak, to Szczecin, który każdego roku, coraz to bardziej zachwyca mnogością barw. Dlatego z Albertem tak bardzo lubimy spacerować po naszych miejskich parkach :)