piątek, 8 maja 2015

Gracious photo model

A very first picture

Long, long time ago, the story of snow white kitten has began… A small, tiny creature with sharp teeth like a razor became my best mate. It was funny to watch it making its first steps with all four legs at one time. This little living thing made me laugh and brought me to tears. From time to time its naughty nature could be noticed in crazy ideas like hiding in the dishwasher or in a shoe.

Coco and me

This kitten of mine, although male, was named Coco J Having passport with its paw imprint became my traveling companion.

Now, after eight years, Coco turned into tommiecat. Its mature posture and paws indicate strength and are ready to be used when necessary. There are days, when Coco returns home from its night adventures with wounds and scars on its body. Sometimes its tail cries for vet’s help when full of bites.  

Coco melting into pleasure 

With time passing by habits of pets also change like in case of humans. Nowadays, Coco loves comfort and enjoys warm spots exposed to the sun. Since, I have started taking pictures of Angelo Antique furniture, Coco became a decent model. If you had asked before it has all started, I would have never believed that a cat could behave in such a gracious manner when having a picture taken.  

These picturesque poses of Coco inspired me to take the advantage of its presence of Angelo Antique furniture photo sessions. On the pictures you can notice Coco’s great pleasure of being part of the scenario.

A bit of a poker face ;)

Therefore, I agree with this saying that:

'There are two types of people,
those who
love taking pictures of their lovely pets and
those ones
who deny doing it.'

Being a proud model

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