piątek, 26 grudnia 2014

Christmas Eve belief with unspoken words…

Coco and me

Have you ever been told as a child that animals are gifted with the power of speech on Christmas Eve? 

I remember my mother telling me so and no matter which pets we had at home at that time, I recall this moment of looking at them with the greatest expectations for them to speak on Christmas Eve for several years. Very often, I was pretty much convinced that I heard my pets speaking in human voices. My curiosity grew even bigger the more mature I have become. 

Coco, Oskar & me

Surprisingly, I have never associated the old legend with the point in the Bible when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, so each living creature could praise Him. On the contrary, I was very much convinced that animals have power of human speech between midnight and daybreak on Christmas Eve to express their either positive or negative feelings towards humans. Besides, I strongly believed that animals on this longest night of the year had enough time to tell me something that I would rather not know. 

Although, my superstition of this belief has faded away, I am confident that on this Holy Night pets and animals have this extra sense to express their appreciation or regret. 

A three month Coco

My snow white cat Coco has accompanied me for seven years. Since third month of Coco’s life we have started learning each other’s habits. Even though, Coco has never spoken in a human voice, I can tell you that there is a big understanding between us. We have gained this ability of understanding our moods, gestures, and habits. Like in any relationship between two people, we had our better and worse moments.

Mature Coco

Therefore, I am certain to say that deep harmony in the relationship between humans and animals exists, despite its spoken or unspoken manner. Even as a grownup person, I am following with my eyes after Coco, hoping this Christmas my cat speaks with human voice.

What are your experiences if any
 and beliefs in animals’ power of human speech on Christmas Eve? 

Cozy and cute Coco

Snowwhite Coco

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  1. Ela ....ja też czekam na taki moment i dokładnie tak samo patrzę na zwierzę jak TY .....spojrzenie, gest wystarczy żebym wiedziała, że np jest głodny ,albo że się boi :))) a w tę Wigilię było blisko.......bo kiedy dzieliliśmy się opłatkiem Czabi po prostu się upomniał o niego ,jakby chciał powiedzieć, a ja ????i podszedł do każdego z nas po kolei ...NAPRAWDĘ:)

    1. Aga, przyznaję, że niesamowite jest w jaki cudowny sposób potrafimy się porozumiewać ze zwierzętami i to bez słów :) czyli tak jak i u nas, u Was Czabi też jest częścią rodziny, po prostu piękne.

  2. Beautiful post. I love animals and this really touched my heart. :)

    1. I love them too. I believe that animals complement life of human beings :)