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White is Whiter and Gray is Grayish !

Very often I am amazed with the power and persuasion colors can talk with.  Mother nature offers us unique colors according to the season of the year. Surprisingly, the number of natural colors is limitless and they can reveal us with new hues every day for the rest of our lives.

Sense of beauty in the light colors

Apart from shapes which surround us on everyday basis, our life is determined by colors. Actually, whatever we buy, touch or see has its texture but also a color.  

Have you ever realized that we even think in terms of colors and have different associations with them? 

Brighter colors are believed to be more optimistic and dark ones are perceived as gloomy or serious. We even wear different colors according to our mood or season of the year. 

Our off-white Gustavian chest of drawers

Various colors reflect different state of emotions and symbols. For example white color symbolizes purity, innocence and light, although the meaning of colors may vary from culture to culture and religion. Our senses are also sensitive to and attracted by colors’ contrasts like black and white. What is more, colors define our style of living.

Blue does not mean to be blue

Gustavian style and its colors
It seems that different colors were characteristic to different periods and styles affected many aspects of arts and architecture. The present style was usually either in the opposition to the previous one or was complementary to it in some way. Always something was the reason for the change.

Therefore, what was the reason for Gustavian style to be based on three main colors – white, grey, and blue, including their hue?

Imagine living back in the 18th century in Sweden as there was no electricity, winters were long and dark, and days were gloomy for most time of the year. 

Windows were still an expensive amenity and recognition of nobility. Additionally, windows were not well insulated to protect from fierce winter cold in that time. It was obvious that houses with more windows were a symbol of wealth because of their price and the heating costs.

Apart from the candlelight crystal chandeliers, bright interiors could improve the impression of bringing more light into the scene of house living. 

White-painted walls and floor are of great contrast against muted blues and pale gray furniture. The whole palette of ethereal white tones, from off-white to old white gave an overall glow to the interiors. 

Hues of blue and gray

Therefore faded patina furniture with a touch of watery blue and soft grays was essential to maintain illumination of interiors and introduce some contrast to them.

Gustavian time was very different from the period we live in now. Today, we can experience wider variety of colors in furniture and also interior design. 

Nevertheless, we can always move back in time and add some touch of the Gustavian style which can be admired from a different perspective.

The devil is hidden in all the details

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